History Department faculty and staff are here to advise on program options and special learning opportunities. Additionally, we assist in program planning, course selection, and programmatic requirements and expectations. Consulting with your advisors on a regular basis will help you get the most out of your education and avoid frequent pitfalls and delays in graduation.

General History Department Advisement:
Dr. Larry Grubbs, Director of Undergraduate Advisement
phone: 404-413-6350

  • General Questions
  • Course Authorizations
  • Graduation Audits
  • Scholarship and Learning Opportunities
  • Assistance with Course Selection
  • Information on Graduation Requirements


World History Program:
Dr. Jared Poley, Associate Chair
phone: 404-413-6383

Pre-Law Advising:
Dr. H. Robert Baker, Associate Professor
phone: 404-413-6361

Northumbria Joint Exchange Program:
Dr. Glenn Eskew, Professor
phone: 404-413-6354