Majoring in History

Why study history? As a student in the History Department you will become familiar with a large body of historical knowledge and through this understand current society all the better. You will also gain valuable skills as a reader, discussant, writer and researcher.

Why major in history? Are you interested in studying various aspects of humanity’s recorded past, the rise and fall of empires or the everyday lives of men and women? Would you like to understand the forces that have structured human life and the ideas that have shaped the way people perceive and experience their worlds? History can teach us many lessons, not simply about our past but also about the paradoxes and potentials of our present. Here in the History Department, we offer a wide range of courses in African, Asian, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, United States, Southern and world history. Arranged in three levels—introductory, intermediate and advanced—you will have the opportunity to become familiar with a body of historical knowledge and explore the world through a variety of perspectives.

Because the program focuses on analytic and critical thinking, a history major will especially prepare you for a profession or further studies in education, international studies, journalism, law, politics and public policy, just to name a few.