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Leslie Leighton

Instructor, Visiting

Leslie Leighton is a medical historian. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, with high distinction, from the University of Virginia, an MD degree from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, a Master of Science degree in History from Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MA and PhD from Emory University. His PhD dissertation examined the cause of the decline in coronary artery disease mortality that occurred in the United States in the late 1960s. He has written book chapters and articles in major journals. An article on his work concerning the history of coronary artery disease appeared in the American Journal of Cardiology (November 2017). Before coming to GSU he taught as an adjunct faculty in the Center for the Study of Human Health at Emory University. At GSU he teaches Survey of American History (HIST 2110) and Historical Aspects of Public Health and Medicine (HIST 3420).

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