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Ian Fletcher

Associate Professor

I trained in modern British, European, and world history.  I became increasingly interested in issues of race, class, gender, indigeneity, and diaspora in modern imperial and global history.  My research encompasses social movements, contentious politics, and global turbulence across the long twentieth century, especially during the Edwardian era (1890s-1910s) and the long Sixties (1950s-1970s).  I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, including The World since 1500, The Twentieth Century World, Film and History, Issues and Interpretations in World History, and Global Social Movements in Historical Perspective.  Collaborative projects appeal to me.  I co-edited European Imperialism, 1830-1930 (1999), Women’s Suffrage in the British Empire: Citizenship, Nation, and Race (2000), and two thematic issues of Radical History Review on global history (2005).  My recent publishing efforts include editing the World History Bulletin’s 2018 double issue on 1968 and the long global Sixties.  I am currently co-editing a book on the First Universal Races Congress, a remarkable gathering of statesmen, scientists, ethical reformers, and anticolonial activists in London in 1911.  For several years I have been involved in community- as well as campus-based projects focused on the Great Speckled Bird, Atlanta’s “underground” paper from 1968 to 1976.  I am active in the Peace History Society, the Southeast World History Association, and other initiatives.


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