Upcoming Semester Courses

These projected schedules for graduate courses are for informational purposes only and are subject to change at any time, without actual notice to individual students. The Department will make every effort to keep student advised of any such changes. Student must note especially their responsibility to keep apprised of current graduation requirements for their particular degree programs.

Projected Course Offerings Fall 2018 to Spring 2020

2018 Spring courses:
6320 Metropolitan Atlanta
6999 Directed Readings
7000 Introduction to Methods and Theory
7010 Issues and Interpretations in US History
7030 Issues and Interpretations in World History
7060 Research Seminar
8230 Seminar in Modern European History
8260 Britain and Early Modern World
8280 European Cultural and Intellectual History
8410 African History
8430 South Asian History
8640 Preservation Planning
8650 American Landscape
8680 Internship
8700 Case Study in Historic Preservation
8720 Museum Studies
8750 Public History Education Planning and Practice
8760 Heritage Tourism
8770 Digital History
8800 Directed Study in Public History
8885 Special Topics in Historic Preservation: Preservation Economics
8900 Directed Readings
8980 Non-thesis Research
8999 Thesis Research
9010 Directed Research US
9020 Directed Research Europe
9030 Directed Research World
9999 Dissertation Research