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“Studying abroad is one of the best things a student can do, but it is especially enriching for history majors. When we study history, often we can develop tunnel vision on specific topics, but visiting the actual country provides real world context. In the modern digital age, we are able to google monuments and cathedrals to see what they look like, but still nothing compares to seeing them in person. On my spring break trip called ‘Spain: A Medieval Pilgrimage’ with Dr. Allen Fromherz, our group had the opportunity to study the history of the Camino de Santiago while traveling along the route. It was such an amazing experience to be able to visit the cathedrals, churches, and other monuments and analyze details that could have been missed had we studied them from a book back in Atlanta. Due to the fast pace of our trip we were able to visit many cities including Burgos, Leon, Santiago de Compostela, Zamora, and finally Madrid. Also, because our group was small, we got to know each other very well and had the chance to have great discussions together about history as well as the culture of Spain. Overall, travelling to Spain was beneficial for both my life and my education. To any student considering study abroad, I highly recommend it because the benefits will stay with you forever.”

— Samantha Harvel


Upcoming Opportunities 


Marvels of Venice, Rome and Tuscany, with Dr. Allen Fromherz. From the hilltowns of Tuscany to the canals of Venice to the streets of ancient Rome and the halls f the Vatican, this will be a journey through the highlights of Italy and its history. Starting in the beautiful medieval town of Cortona, we will explore the great cities of the Renaissance including Siena and Florence. We will then travel to Ravenna and the “Most Serene” city of Venice for a taste of life in this floating city. Our trip ends in magnificent Rome with a visit to the Vatican and all the major sites. here.


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