So much of what we do in the History Department – as undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff – is made possible by the generosity of our donors. Donations help defray the cost of travel for students to study abroad and learn about places they might otherwise never get to visit and study – places as different as India and Italy, Japan and Cuba. They help MA and PhD students go to archives around the the world to uncover the secrets of the past, as well as faculty who publish groundbreaking research that is recognized by national and international media. In the History Department we are dedicated to doing everything we can to promote learning and new research about the human experience throughout time and across the world. Your generous contribution can help make all of this possible.

Many donors are past alumni of the department and the university; others are friends and family of alumni, as well as our neighbors in the business and nonprofit communities of greater Atlanta, the state of Georgia, and the nation as a whole. If you value history and the innovative work that our students and faculty can do, please consider donating.

There are several ways to contribute! Just click on one of the funds below and you can target your donation to a specific scholarship that benefits the Department’s work in promoting student learning, study abroad, historic preservation, and original research.

The Dr. Steve and Anne Wrigley Study Abroad Scholarship

The Clifford M. Kuhn Public History Endowment

Joseph O. And Louise P. Baylen Scholarship Endowment

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Loula Cantrell Scholarship

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