Recent Faculty Publications


December 2014  Harcourt Fuller’s book explores the complicated legacy of Kwame Nkrumah, the leader who shepherded Ghana to independence from European imperial control. Fuller’s innovative approach considers Nkrumah’s manipulation of symbols of Ghana’s national identity–the currency, postage stamps, monuments and other symbols used to intertwine the Ghanian nation with Nkrumah’s cult of personality.



December 2014  Nick Wilding’s book challenges traditional assumptions that early modern science was strictly a pious, serious-minded endeavor. Examining sources ranging from ornamental woodcuts to the files generated by murder investigations, Wilding offers a fresh perspective on Galileo while also raising important larger questions about the history of science.



December 2014  Associate Chair Jared Poley’s new book pays homage to his mentor David Sabean, a giant in the study of kinship and community in early modern and modern Europe.  Poley and his co-editors have assembled essays that speak to Sabean’s influence over contemporary scholarship exploring these themes. In addition to co-editing the volume, Poley has contributed a chapter focusing on the controversial, pathbreaking medical innovator, Paracelsus.