Chair’s Welcome

The Department of History is a diverse and robust academic community whose scholarly, pedagogical, and social events make it an engaging place to work and study. Each year we teach over 8,000 students, host distinguished visiting speakers through the World History and Somers Lecture Series as well as other public lectures, and publish a wide range of new scholarship. We also edit books, present scores of conference papers, and serve on editorial boards. Our students present research papers and win state and national awards. These achievements represent the creativity of faculty and students who are making Georgia State a leading center for historical studies.


Dr. Michelle Brattain

The department continues to expand in the new areas of Public History and World History as we also explore new opportunities in U.S. and European history. Together with the College of Education we produce well-trained high- and middle-school history teachers. We continue to extend our intellectual exchanges with universities abroad, including the University of Northumbria in England and the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

As a cornerstone of liberal education, the Department of History aims to help students acquire historical perspectives and knowledge for intellectual satisfaction, learn how to think critically and analyze and interpret information appropriately and effectively, and enhance their understanding of the world around them, thereby to be able to shape a meaningful life, participate in a democratic society, and–if desired–prepare for a career in history. Students who study history have a better grasp of the past, which, in turn, speaks to their ability to grapple with the complexity of the present and the future.

If you are looking for a program that will assist you in developing the knowledge and skills to allow you to grow intellectually and be prepared for an informed and active life, and if you want to explore new lands and peoples as well as deepen your understanding of your own culture, we would love to have you join us.