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Allyson Tadjer

Lecturer, Visiting

Allyson Tadjer is a Visiting Lecturer in the History Department. Dr. Tadjer received her BA (2007) and MA (2009) from the Catholic University of Lille in France and earned her PhD in history from Georgia State University in June 2015. Her research deals with French and Francophone African reactions to the African American freedom movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Through this triangular project, Dr. Tadjer probes the global significance of the civil rights and Black Power movements for historical actors engaged in the tumultuous process of decolonization.

Dr. Tadjer is currently working on an article tentatively entitled “’But it’s not the Mississippi which Runs Next to Notre-Dame!’: Protecting the Myth of French Egalitarianism” and is teaching U.S. History survey courses.